March 31, 2023

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All about GP rating course

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If you have passed your 10th standard and are willing to go for a navy merchant course after it then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Because through this post, we are going to provide you with complete guidance on the same. 

What is a merchant GP rating course? 

Once you are done with your 10th-grade examination and result, you can move your step toward the beginning for the preparation for going to the merchant navy. The very first for this is the GP rating training. The extended form of the GP rating is general-purpose rating. You can also consider it as the starting line of the merchant navy course.

This course is only for those students who have the passion to join some interesting and daring profession. You will also getting the financial benefits through job offers receive after completing this course. There are various GP rating sponsorship companies that might be sponsoring you. Many of you might not be aware of this course but there is no need to take any sort of stress because we will be guiding you about all the areas of this course including fees structure and scope as well. 

Basics about GP rating course:

It is not a time-consuming course like other degrees. It will take you only 6 months to complete this course. This is a sort of training course for providing pre-sea training. Now the term “pre-sea training would have created a question in your mind in respect to its meaning”. In simple words, it is nothing more than the training that you need to take before you sail the ship for the very first time. The cadets prepared through this course will generally get positions majorly in two areas. One is the deck crew and the second one is the engine crew. The trainees arranged through this course will by and large get positions significantly in two regions. One is the deck team and the subsequent one is the motor group.

There are separate courses as well for the purposes of providing deck crew and engine crew training. But in the GP rating course, a student will getting train for both positions. There are various areas in which training will be provided through this course such as swimming, ship mechanics, fire prevention, safety technology, etc. You also need to know that this training is provided only twice a year I.e. in January and July so that you do not miss these dates to fulfill your dream. 

Why do you need a GP rating for being part of the crew of a ship? 

We have already stated above that there will mainly be two job profiles, one is the deck crew and the second one is the engine crew. 

  • Engine department: It will sub-classified in two profiles. One is general maintenance of the engine room and the second one is the support profile for supporting the maintenance of the engine room. In this, you will be having a time-based job and you will also have a duty engineer with you. Your major role will be to maintain and keep your environment clean, keep oil level under your sight, and also the machine parameters. Along with also this, you will have to give assistance to the engineer in cleaning and maintaining the environment around you. 
  • Deck department: This department includes servicing of a ship and support services. In this, your job will be to keep your deck free from dust and complete the painting job once all the rust is remove. In simple words, you will required to maintain your deck. 

What qualification you will be required to pursue this course? 

If you are one of those who have complete their 10th standard, your minimum scores should at least 40% on any recognize board, mainly in the subjects of science, math, and English. However, your marks alone won’t sufficient to fulfill the criteria, you also need to be fit physically as well as mentally. Mental or physical unfitness will make you ineligible to pursue this course. Furthermore, you also need to fulfill the age criteria as fixed by the board I.e. you should be between the age of 17.5 years to 25 years. Otherwise, you will become ineligible. 

However, the pre-sea course eligibility academic criteria will be different but age and fitness criteria will be the same for this. You can look over the web for the same. 

Fees structure:

The entire course including pre-sea training will cost you between 120000 – 500000. However, whether it is to paid in installments or lump sum will depend upon the regulations of the institute. Furthermore, fees structure can vary from one college to another, we will advise you to choose out of the top colleges for admission. You need to know that it is a course, not a degree due to which you won’t be able to get education loans for this but you can, undoubtedly, look for GP rating sponsorship companies. 

What after the course? 

Once you have done your course, you will working as a trainee ordinary seaman (OS) but once you have gain the experience, you will poste as an advance OS. Furthermore, you will, depending upon your ability, also have the opportunity of becoming an officer. It will apply to both engines as well as a deck officer. Getting these posts can be hard but you still have the possibility. 

Will you get placement opportunities after the course?

Another benefit that the GP rating course brings you is the placement opportunities after the course. There will be many agents promising to provide you with the placements in the merchant navy but you should not be falling into their trap. If you want placement opportunities after the course then there are various DG-approve colleges, universities, and register shipping firms that you shall get in touch with. These firms, colleges, and universities will be very helpful to you. Getting placements through the colleges and registered firms is a far better option than expecting these from the agents. 

All the points that has been mentione above will help you in gaining knowledge of the entire course.