November 26, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cloakroom Vanity Units

cloakroom vanity Units

Cloakroom vanity units are compact bathroom storage that is suitable for small bathrooms. The attention the bathroom is getting for aesthetics and practicality. The storage is the need for every bathroom, large or small. The modern era has brought us many new things that we know we regularly use in the bathroom. From oral hygiene to facial care, makeup, toiletries, we spend more time in the bathroom than ever before. So, we need something to store these items. Small bathrooms like cloakrooms are no exception to it. We can only think that since it will be used by the guests, we may have to put fewer things in it. That’s true. But you will still need storage for it. 

However, when it comes to bathroom storage, you face problems due to the lack of space in the cloakroom. Your standard vanity unit would not fit into that space. Or if you try to fit it, it will consume a lot of space that you may not even think about placing any other thing in it. So, if you are facing the same problem, then you will need a space-saving solution. And our blog will provide you with all the right information that you need for such a purpose by answering your most asked questions.  

 What Is Cloakroom Vanity Unit?

The cloakroom vanity unit is simply the bathroom storage that is suitable for small spaces like cloakrooms. All of these are designed with one principle in mind, and that is space-saving. And there are various ways to do it. For example, for some, a specific style can be a space saver, thus making them suitable for the cloakroom. At the same time, others may combine multiple functionalities together with compact size. It allows you to save the space they would otherwise go to another fixture. So, by keeping in mind the main principle of space-saving, there are various types of vanities available in the market to choose from. 

What are the Main Types of Cloakroom Vanity Units?

There are various types of compact cloakroom vanity units available in the market. We discuss a few of these as follows

  • Wall Hung Vanity Units.  If we look at the various styles available for bathroom storage, then we will realize that the most space-saving option among all is the wall hung style storage. It mounts on the wall, thus leaving the space on the floor. That is great for small bathrooms because you get the illusion of spaciousness even with limited space. In addition to that, these are luxurious and looks great, creating a contemporary looking bathroom. These are also available with worktop sinks that offer even more space savings. When you have a sink fitted over the vanity, there is no need for a separate sink. That will save you the space that otherwise will be consumed by the basin.
  • Floor Standing Vanity Unit.  These are similar to a standard vanity since these stands directly on the floor. However, these are slim and have a bit more height than their counterparts. You will find this type under the cloakroom vanity unit range. Many of these have a sink fitted on top to offer even more space-saving benefits. 
  • Corner Vanity Units.  The corner is usually left empty as nothing can fit into such space. That’s why you can use this area to save bathroom space. Luckily there are the types of storage furniture available designed to fit in the corner. It looks great during the offering of ample storage capacity. 

How do you fit the cloakroom vanity unit?

The fitting of a vanity unit for a cloakroom is not different from the standard vanities. The method of fitting the depends on the type of unit you have. For example, for fixing the wall hung vanity, you will have to fix it on the wall. You will need to ensure that all the inlet and outlet connections remain hidden inside the wall. For the floor standing and corner vanities, you will need to put them on the floor and simply fix their inlet and outlet connection. The installation is not hard and can be done by anyone with little experience of using the equipment. However, if you have never done any such thing, then it will be best to call the plumber. 

What Is the Smallest Vanity Sink Available?

The cloakroom vanity units are available in various styles and sizes. However, if you are interested in the smallest size, then it will be 400mm; wall hung vanity sink unit is the smallest size available. It is a small cabinet with a compact worktop sink fitted over it. 

Final Thoughts about Cloakroom Vanity Units.

The cloakroom vanity unit is the perfect option if you have a small bathroom. There are various styles and sizes available. You will have to choose the most suitable one as per your personal preference as well as the space available. We have discussed all the important frequently asked questions about small vanity units in the last section. You can visit the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website to check the latest bathroom furniture ranges.