February 3, 2023

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Different Types of Blogs That make money

blogs make money

blogs make money

Although it’s true that it is possible to make money from almost any kind of blog however, there are some blogs which generate higher earnings than other. Here, we’ll take a look at the top best types of blogs that earn money today and in the years to follow.

If you’re just beginning to learn about blogging, ensure that you go through this checklist, you are looking for blogs you are interested in and enthusiastic about. It makes the process much more enjoyable, and you may even make it faster since you’ll feel excited about creating and developing your Powerline blog.

Types of Business-related Blogs that generate income

I’ve put them into 3 categories. While the classification itself does not necessarily suggest that you’ll make more, the top of these categories seem to be the ones with the highest revenue. These are blogs that deal with business and, as with all companies, it is generally those who solve the most pressing issues (e.g. they have the most value in terms of money) will earn the highest sums.

1. Finance Blog

On top of this list are the finance blogs If you’re a pro in dealing with money, this could be a good option for you. One Example for this is Daixie Wang Site.

Financial blogs can provide advice on finances, it can be useful to people from every walk of life, whether you’re a college-going student or looking to settle parents’ debts, or you have some spare cash you’re hoping to invest carefully.

Finance blogs typically have some of the most expensive CPMs for ads. This is because advertisers here are in a high-competition and are able to pay higher than the majority of niches, as their offerings produce more revenues for them. For bloggers that are bloggers, this is an enormous gain.

It’s not just advertisements that you stand to gain from, however as I’ve already stated, but the services that are in this field are also more likely to have more value. This implies that if your business sells products or services as an affiliate for any of these services and products and earn much from the relatively low amount of conversions or traffic.

The blogging niche in this area is a broad field However, some of the major topics that are covered include:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving money
  • Making money investments
  • Passive income
  • Management of debt
  • Side hustles
  • Work at home

If these are subjects you are enthusiastic about and have knowledge about, then perhaps it’s time to start your own blog about finance.

A few examples of blogs about finance which make money:

The Money Ninja – $7,000+ per month
Understanding dollars – $1.5milplus an year
Finsmart Panda – – $22,000plus per month

2. Marketing Blog

Another issue most businesses face particularly in the current digital world where the marketing landscape is evolving continuously. This is the reason marketing blogs are one of the most effective kinds of blogs that you can earn money from.

Marketing The Fall Cast blogs can help marketers, creators entrepreneurs, and creators navigate these waters, while expanding their reach in addition to increasing their conversion rates offline and online.

The blogs mentioned above could be related to one specific sub-sub niche like the social web (which is where the blog was created and is one of the most important topics I discuss here) However, they could also be as varied in covering the entire market.

Through a marketing blog, you can keep up-to-date with the most recent trends in specific areas, explain how you can gain traction on specific platforms or using certain methods and offer ways to boost your visibility whether it’s through your website or email list and social media channels or with traditional marketing channels in the modern world.

Examples of blogs for marketing which generate revenue:

Createandgo.com – $100,000+ per month
Ryrob.com – $43,000+ per month
Her Paper Route $12,000plus per month

3. Legal Blog

As the world goes digital, the traditional services are gradually becoming digital. If you are faced with a problem what people do is pull out their mobile and then, on the search engine, such as Google and input their problem. Legal issues it’s the same.

Read Interesting Articles on Digital Princess Blog

The majority of people are looking to determine how they can address the legal issues themselves regardless of whether they’re tax-related or to determine whether their actions is legal. Lawyers can be expensive and there are many possibilities online to offer solutions to what are classified as basic or common problems which do not require an individual consultation with a costly legal professional.

If you’re facing any grave legal issues it is recommended that you get a legal professional’s help. For those who are aspiring legal bloggers even if you’re not working, you may be able to make your blog an effective lead-generating tool to build a network of lawyers all over the world since they’ll be on the seeking new clients. Additionally, you can earn a substantial amount of commissions from conducting a little match-making.

Examples of legally-licensed blogs that earn money or have a huge number of readers:

Aselfguru.com – $60,000+ per month
Over the Law More than 50,000 Newsletter subscribers
Legal Eagle – 1.6mil+ YouTube Subscribers

4. Business Blog

In the case of blogs that are related to business, there could be a great deal of overlap with blogs that focus on marketing. The reason for this is that a crucial element of success in running a business is to be successful in marketing.

Business blogs cover the latest trends in the industry, and provide useful tips for the process of starting and growing a company, and also various options to start an enterprise based on your particular situation.

Some of the most frequent subjects covered by blogs on business include:

  • How can you earn money online?
  • Ideas for business
  • How do you market your company
  • Business trends
  • Advice on pitching and funding
  • Entrepreneurial motivation
  • Business plan

These kinds of blogs typically cover different topics than those are found in finance and marketing blogs, because of the significant overlap.

Examples of blogs for business which generate revenue:

Adam Enfroy – $83,000plus per month
Melyssa Griffin – $140,000+ per month
Smart Passive Income – $125,000+ per month

Self-Help Related blog types with the potential to generate income. potential

In the prior section we discussed blogs that address problems that generally involve money. Since this is concerned with the lives of people and have high earnings potential. Another field with enormous potential for income, but for a totally distinct reason, is the self-help.

People are eager to invest in transforming their lifestyles to be the best version of themselves, and are prepared to invest substantial portions of their earnings to achieve these goals.

Let’s take an look at a few blogging niches you can be a part of.

5. Personal Development Blog

One of the first things that comes into your the mind as you consider about self-help will be personal growth.

They usually give readers help in finding out the person they truly are and managing their feelings to realize their dreams, goals and life they want to live.

They generally discuss topics such as:

  • Life coaching
  • Mastering emotions
  • Relationships and dating
  • Mindset
  • Happiness
  • Health and mental health

Self-improvement blogs that generate income:

Women who are blazing trails up to $4,000+ per month
Let’s make it happen with a minimum of $5,000 per month
Hello, Self Assistance – $3,400plus per month

6. Health and Fitness Blog

Self-help isn’t just for the mental and emotional aspects of things. People are constantly looking at ways of improving their physical fitness and appearance. That is where fitness and health blogs are a great source of income potential.

The health and fitness blogs will aid readers in living a healthier life style while enhancing fitness and strength. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a fitness blog (although it might be an option for you if you’re interested in that kind of thing) It’s also possible to write about diverse topics, including:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Exercise plans and workouts that are unique (Bodybuilding, Yoga, Pilates and more.)
  • Food advice
  • How do you perform certain exercises?
  • Mindfulness
  • Body positive

Examples of fitness and health blogs that earn money:

Organize yourself Skinny – $13,000+ per month
The Fit Mom Journey – – $10,000plus per month
Nerd Fitness – $100,000+ per

7. Parenting Blog

Sometimes referred to as mom blogs since they tend to be written by mothers sharing their own experiences. Dads have begun to join into the conversation as well, and we’ll simply call them parenting blogs.

The blogs on parenting are about the raising of your children and provide a wide range of issues that affect families. These blogs are an excellent method of sharing your personal experiences, as parents are seeking advice on similar topics and you can be an empathetic hand to help parents along their journey.

Blogs on parenting cover a range of topics, with some of them include:

  • Home schooling
  • The raising of teens
  • Kids and work
  • Children traveling with you
  • Affordable parenting
  • Nutrition of children

Parenting blogs have the additional benefit of being able earn money and spend more time with your children.

Example of blogs for parents that earn millions in the year.

Mommy for the basis of $500plus per month
The Realistic Mama – $20,000plus per month
The Soccer Mom Blog – $11,000plus per month

8. Sustainability Blog

The subject of sustainability and eco-friendly practices may be interspersed with all of the topics that is discussed here. Blogs that are in this category typically focus on their specific niches within this field However, they can also write about their own sub-niches within this topic.

Sustainability blogs focus on conserving the earth that we’re living on, assisting readers to be self-sufficient, and bringing attention to the effects of climate change and pollution and offering solutions that anyone can adopt to make positive changes to them, and the earth.

The topics covered by blogs on sustainability are typically:

  • Living off-grid
  • Self-sustainable gardening
  • Eco-friendly alternatives to the most popular products
  • Live a life that isn’t wasted
  • Minimalism
  • DIY/Crafts

Examples of blogs about sustainability which generate revenue:

Embracing Simple Blog – $2,400+ per month
Fork within the Road $2,900plus per month

Lifestyle and Hobby-related Blogs that Earn Money

They are typically the very first blogs to introduce newbies into the blogging world. They are also the ones that are a passion project and the standard “fun” styled blogs that are the most popular “And you can make a living like that?” questions.

Yes, you can earn an income from this. Checkout Verbal Communication blogging site. The same way you could earn a decent amount in actual terms as you’ll discover below.

9. Travel Blog

If you enjoy travelling, exploring new destinations, and sharing with people about your experiences as well as the many things you experienced, saw and so on. A travel blog might be the perfect fit for you.

Travel blogs feature a variety of destinations and give readers ideas to plan their next vacation as well as suggestions for activities when they go on their next vacation as well as suggestions on places to take a bite. They often feature beautiful photos (although it’s not necessary an expert photographer in order to be able to create a wonderful travel blog) and comprehensive lists and offer information on the best experiences to sights to see from a local’s point of view.

The blogs they write on about a range of subjects, for example:

  • A budget-friendly way to travel
  • Travel itineraries
  • Things to do and see
  • Local travel
  • Food in different countries
  • Remote jobs or online jobs that allow you to travel
  • Backpacking

Some examples of blogs about travel which make money:

Kara and Nate – $40,000+ per month
Adventure in You – $19,000+ per month
Two Wandering Soles – – $16,000plus per month

10. Fashion Blog

Do you think that you are a fashionable and stylish person? Perhaps it’s the time to think about the possibility of a fashion-related blog.

Fashion blogs can make quite a profit through affiliate marketing, selling your own items as well as ads as being one of the most effective methods to earn money through your fashion blog.

It’s not all about gorgeous pictures and chic clothing, but magazines on fashion cover wide range of subjects that provide their readers with value. Things such as:

  • Fashionable and affordable
  • DIY fashion hacks (and style upgrades)
  • Fashion that is environmentally friendly
  • Seasonal style
  • Dress code for special events (like weddings and interviews, etc.)
  • Fashion reviews
  • The latest fashion trends in style

Fashion blogs are a few examples that earn millions .

The Most Modest Man $7,000plus per month
The Chic Pursuit – – $4,200plus per month
Cheap by Amanda – – $4,000plus per month

11. Food Blog

If you are a cook and enjoy making experiments at the table, or simply enjoy trying new dishes and desserts and desserts, then a food blog could be the perfect fit for you.

Food blogs focus on recipes, but can also provide a range of subjects and subniches. Things like:

  • Baking recipes
  • Quick meals
  • Producing your own fruit and vegetables
  • Cheap meals
  • Food preparation without using XYZ (like recipes that do not require ovens, for instance)
  • Drink recipes
  • Restaurant reviews

Food blogs, just like travel and fashion are often very visual. That’s the reason being involved on social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram can boost the growth of your blog.

Example of blogs about food making some money

Green Thickies – – $15,000plus per month
Pinch of Yum $100k+ per month
Let me know the Yummy $40,000plus per month

12. DIY/Craft Blog

Do yourself or make blogs that show how they can make things on their own. If it’s building a home or transforming your living room The possibilities are endless.

If you’re a crafter and have an aptitude for making things by yourself, then an online blog for DIY or craft can be an excellent way to share your expertise with others while making a profit through the process. It is possible to work on projects that you would not have the time or money to invest in before, or have the freedom to pursue other activities you enjoy.

DIY/craft blogs cover all kinds of topics These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Woodwork
  • Home Renovation
  • Arts and crafts
  • Clothing
  • Gardening
  • Holiday decorations
  • DIY life hacks

A few examples of craft and DIY blog sites that will earn money

While she sleeps $900plus per month
Crochetpreneur – $17,000+ per month
The Shabby Creek Cottage – $25,000plus per month

13. Pet Blog

All of us love pets. when you like writing about your pet’s life and your pet, you may be interested in starting the possibility of a pet blog.

You’re probably wondering whether pet blogs actually earn money And I’m here say that they are able to, and they have done. There are several options to make money from your pet blog for example, including affiliate links to the best pet toys, equipment for training, as well as other products for your pet’s care.

Pet blogs be a wide range of subjects, or be specialized to only one specific breed. Here are a few of the most requested topics on different blogs about pets:

  • Pets that are trained
  • Pets traveling with you
  • Adopting
  • Information about breeds
  • Working with exotic animals
  • Nutrition

A few examples of blogs for pets that generate money or draw lots of traffic:

Your Did What to Your Wiener $ 10,000plus per month
Sit Stay More than 70,000 page views per month
The Spruce Pets – 12mil+ page views per month

14. Technology Blog

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to be there when a brand new gadget is released. You can’t resist watching every review that you find, as well as researching all of the functions and features on numerous tech blogs.

Tech blogs offer information and reviews of the latest gadgets and can influence buyers’ buying choices. Because of this they can earn an enormous amount of money through affiliate commissions. Most people are “warm” when they’re looking for a review of an item, so if they see your post and you provide a genuine review that outlines both the advantages and disadvantages of a product, when the cons aren’t significant factor to them, then they might simply click the link and make an purchase.

Technology blogs are able to cover a broad range of niches and topics among them the most popular are:

  • Review of the product
  • Comparisons of products and rankings
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Technology that is affordable
  • News and leaks

Examples of blogs about technology which receive lots of page views:

Photography Blog – 480,000+ page views per month
Ken Rockwell – 1.5milplus monthly pageviews
Laptop Mag – 5.6milplus pages viewed per month

15. Gaming Blog

Gaming is a genre that’s well-known on YouTube However, since the gaming industry has moved to the internet, chances in the gaming industry are also expanding for blogs.

Your gaming blog could be focused on a particular subject, cover the entire sector, or just focus on a particular topic (like reviews) or make use of your blog to help the presence of your blog on YouTube or a streaming service.

Here are a few examples of various topics you could write about when writing about gaming:

  • Let’s play some videos
  • Walkthroughs, tutorials, and game walkthroughs
  • Game reviews
  • Game comparisons

Gaming channels that generate revenue

Pewdiepie – 108m+ YouTube Subscribers
BorasLegend – 380k+ YouTube Subscribers
CrazyPlayz – 1.3m+ YouTube Subscribers