February 3, 2023

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Guide About Material And Different Design Of Curtain In Dubai

curtain in dubai

Styles, hardware, valances, pulls, tiebacks and other options are available for curtains. But the type of material is the most important factor. The way curtains hang and gather is affected by the materials in use. There are a variety of curtain material options including the type of fabric used. You can also visit curtain in Dubai online. The most common fabrics can use to make curtain panels are listed below.


Cotton is a semi-sheer fabric that is a natural choice for curtain material. However, cotton is a versatile fabric that allows light into a room while maintaining a moderate level of privacy. The cotton curtain panels in various colors or patterns can mix to create a complete window treatment with the flexibility of multiple configurations. Cotton curtains are easy to maintain and clean. But to minimize shrinkage, always check the manufacturer’s label for instructions. If you’re making your curtains out of cotton, wash and dry the fabric first before measuring and sewing.


Acrylic is difficult to beat for a fabric that drapes elegantly. The acrylic curtain material is similar to wool. But it is lighter and provides good insulation from outside heat and cold. Another advantage for people with allergies is that acrylic is naturally hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant.


Depending on the thickness of the cloth, linen curtain panels are heavier than cotton. Linen is a sturdy and breathable fabric made from the fibers of flax plants. Linen lets in a lot of light but provides more privacy than cotton because of its fiber-like weave. Linen’s fibrous texture absorbs dust, making it more difficult to keep clean. For those with allergies to the environment, linen could be a problem.


Velvet curtain material gives every room in your house a royal and luxurious look. However, velvet fabric is thick and heavy, and it works well in places like bedrooms, home theatres, and family rooms for noise reduction and light blocking. Moreover, velvet curtain panels are difficult to clean and require professional cleaning services.


Lace provides the largest amount of outside light in a room for a sheer and airy curtain material, but it does not provide much privacy. However, lace can use in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, where it is covered with blinds or heavier fabrics. However, to give style to window covering, lace cloth can frequently be embroidery with beautiful patterns and designs.


Silk is an excellent option for curtains material with a flowing, light appearance. However, silk curtains are semi-transparent and go well with both traditional and contemporary decor. The amount of light that silk cloth allows into a room can control by its thickness. Silk curtains hang lightly, and silk is frequently draped over window tops as a window scarf. Professional cleaning is necessary for silk curtains.


Polyester is more durable, strong, and inexpensive than other curtain fabrics, and it’s also easy to clean. However, polyester is wrinkle and stretch resistant, and due to the material’s yield, polyester curtain panels can readily gather and pleated. Polyester curtains are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and family spaces. But they are not used in kitchens. Polyester is a flammable substance that absorbs odors.

Different Style Of Curtain In Dubai

The style of curtains you need will fall into one of the categories listed below, depending on the room. Traditional curtains or traditional room designs look beautiful with a pop of contemporary curtains, especially in a room with a modern decor theme.

Classic or Traditional:

Traditional or classic curtains can be used in almost any room in the house. These classic curtain types can frequently complete with a valance and other accessories to create full window treatments. Traditional and classic curtains include classic, peasant, and different interior design themes.


Choose contemporary themed curtains for a fresh touch on classic curtain styles. Contemporary design curtains are available in muted colors like grey and earthy solids and patterns. Moreover, its brighter, bolder colors lend vibrancy to a neutral space. Although rich fabrics and designs are common in modern curtain styles, They aren’t meant to be showy or extravagant.


Blend with the decor in bathrooms, bedrooms, a home office, and kitchens. The casual curtains often have a basic or toned-down design. Top finishes include grommet, eyelet, or tab top and rarely include a valance.


Solid colors, metallic accents, crisp lines, and abstract features are common in modern-designed curtains, which reflect a minimalist, clean style. Modern curtains can make a big statement or blend in with the rest of the decor. Eco-friendly, recyclable, and natural textiles can use in many modern curtains.

Tone-on-tone layering:

Tone-on-tone layering matches or couples two layers of curtains, and layering is a technique for creating layers of curtain panels. Layering a white sheer curtain panel with a thick, light-filtering dark blue curtain is an example of this style. This creates a tone-on-tone layer that offers light when needed and darkness for sleeping or watching movies in the theatre. This curtain style gives a dining room or studies a formal appearance.