February 3, 2023

Miss Be

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Halloween Brownie recipe


Making Halloween Brownie here are the ingredients and making process.

For the brownie.

40ml of vegetable oil plus additional to grease.

1 box of Betty Crocker(tm) Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix.

75ml of water.

One medium-sized free range egg

To decoration

150g Betty Crocker(tm) Velvety Vanilla Icing.

Green food colouring paste or gel.

24 mini chocolate minis sugar-coated in red beans.

2 teaspoons chocolate strands. 1 small tube of black writing frosting.

12 short pieces of liquor ice cut in half

Process of making Halloween brownie

Pre-heat the oven to 180degC (160degC in fan-controlled ovens)/Gas mark 4. Clean a 20 cm square deep cake tin. Line the base and the 2 sides with baking parchment.

In an enormous mixing bowl, mix ingredients like brownie mix, oil, and egg until combined. The mixture should be evenly spread in the tin that you prepared and bake for 20 to 22 minutes until a sharp knife that is inserted inside the chocolate comes out clear. Transfer the brownie to an air-tight rack and allow it to fully cool inside the pan, approximately 30 minutes.

Lift the brownie out of the tin with baking paper. Divide the cake into twelve rectangles.

Put the icing in an appropriate bowl. Use the food colouring gel or paste to make the icing appear bright green. Sprinkle the icing on each brownie.

Place two chocolate beans in each brownie to make eyes. sprinkle the tops brownies using chocolate hair as hair. Make use of the black icing for writing to put dots around the eye’s pupils. You can also use it to pipe mouths on additional hair, stitches and extra hair around the eyes. Put two pieces of liquorice on the sides of each brownie to make bolts. Serve immediately or store in a cool or dry place. And enjoy it with your friends and family on this Halloween