February 3, 2023

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Light Weight Lumber Tarps and Their Benefits

Light Weight Lumber Tarps

Light Weight Lumber Tarp is a piece of fabric that truck drivers use to cover the goods they are transporting. It has it is used in the commercial market. The most important characteristics of a lumber tarp are durability and strength. They are used to transport accessories from yards, factories, and retail locations. If you are looking for Light Weight Lumber Tarps that are tough and durable, look no more. We at https://www.flatbedequipmentinc.com/collections/light-weight-tarps sell high-quality lumber tarps in extremely affordable prices.

These tarps are available in varied sizes for various kind of loads. This includes two-piece and three-piece truck lumber tarps. If you want lumber tarps according to your specification, we can provide you with custom made lumber tarps. Buying lumber tarps from Flatbed Equipment Inc. is always going to be the best choice you will make. They supply ultimate protection to your cargo. Furthermore, they do not suffer from wear and tear easily due to weather elements. These tarps also come in ultra-light and heavy-duty tarps.

Lumber Tarp Ultra-light

We make this Lumber Tarp Ultra-light from PVC Vinyl. This material is a lightweight fabric, yet it is extraordinarily strong and tough. They are 100% waterproof because of the heat-sealed seams. For more strength, we reinforce all hems with 2″ fluorescent wire and double stitched.

The vinyl is 14 oz. but has a robust durability base material and a high-performing light PVC coating process. This enables it to give superior performance while weighing 25% less. This tarp is far more durable than other lightweight tarps made of parachute material.

It includes three lines of “D” Rings that are box stitched with safety flaps to prevent bungee strap hooks from damaging the tarp. We galvanize all of these D-Rings with zinc metal plating.

Tips for using the lightweight lumber tarps

  • Covering a shipment using lightweight wooden tarps is a crucial and sensible method for preserving your material assets.
  • Super lightweight wooden tarps will endure longer if you restrict the damaged surface of the tarp against the load.
  • Secure the item firmly using a large number of flexible flatbed timber tarps and adaptable rope, nearby other tie objects to prevent injury from swaying in the breeze.
  • Use corner guards or transporting lumber tarps for sales to shield the load’s jagged edges as well.
  • Whenever it comes to healing wounds and gaps, try your best not to give in.
  • On-the-spot timber tarps for flatbeds repair kits may prevent small errors from becoming serious issues, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

These tarps are best for both industrial and commercial use. They are multipurpose tarps, and they are rust-proof. Our all-purpose tarp has rust-proof grommets that we coat with brass every two feet. We can easily fix it in a variety of configurations to sit firmly in place for a variety of diverse applications. Furthermore, all seams and hemlines are double stitched with strong quality, rot-resistant threads to prevent ugly tearing.

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