February 3, 2023

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Technology helped Customer service better during the pandemic


A brand’s primary goal is to deliver a great Customer service experience, regardless of whether it uses technology. A great customer experience will keep them coming back for more. Brands were put in a difficult spot by COVID-19, which limited the customer experience . Contact centers were a distinguishing factor for brands in order to provide customer service services in this connected, complicated and tragic era.

CX is becoming more complicated as both consumer behavior and time are changing rapidly. The past history of how brands dealt with customers shows that traditional methods are no longer viable. Brands have moved to technology to adapt to changing environments.

The CX of brands is simplified by technology

Many brands can renew their CX strategy with their tech-driven call centres. This makes the bond stronger and perhaps even unbreakable. A tech-enabled call centre, on the other hand, also changes the role of agents in contact centres, making them more important and relevant to today’s times.

A tech-forward contact center allows brands to make it easy for agents to reach them whenever they need. Customers can also rely on the contact centre’s availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer their questions.

Solution providers

Many contact center solution providers quickly developed solutions that aligned with the new work-from-home model. This is a model that will not be going away. Brands can use this solution to hire remote agents and improve their productivity. Agents can log in from anywhere and work remotely by turning their mobile phones into mini-offices. They also have access to on-floor facilities whenever they need them.

Agents can quickly access information about the caller before they answer the call. This allows them to manage the situation with tact. Agents can also work together and find a solution for the customer quicker than they expected because of a well-networked system. This results in seamless team collaboration. Agents feel more confident handling calls. Agents can connect with customers easily, answer their questions, raise concerns, and much more to empower them. A satisfied customer will not abandon a brand.

Redefining Customer service experience

Proactive initiatives to reach customers during the pandemic were either limited or sealed off. People knew exactly what they wanted and all other information was to be absorbed later or ignored. Technology played a major role in the shift in customer service. Healthcare industry was expected to respond to the huge demand from patients in dire need of assistance. People needed immediate help.

This was why time was so important. Hospitals were able to streamline and automate the process of filling out forms and other processes in order to expedite medical assistance. Software was created to enable hospitals to respond to basic questions of callers in a highly personal manner and to filter emergency calls to the management team.

Consultation in Customer service

Many hospitals also offered video consultations, which allowed for doctor consultation to a wide range of patients across the country. Hospitals ensured that highly-respected doctors were available to help patients. These are only a few of the many features, but technology enabled hospitals and other brands to transform customer reach out initiatives post-COVID-19.


Brands have embraced unprecedented times to gain a new perspective on customer needs and add value to their efforts to improve the customer journey. Many brands were able in a very short time to transform their contact centers with technology to provide a seamless customer experience (CX). The contact centre will be a key player in future CX strategies.