October 1, 2022

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The Best Online Psychiatrist Of 2022


An Online Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has been trained to provide psychiatric services via the internet.

This is known as telepsychiatry.

Online therapy and psychiatry fall under the umbrella of telehealth and telemedicine services.

Instead of driving to your clinician’s office and speaking with them in person.

online mental health services allow you to communicate remotely.

Online therapy and online psychiatry differ in the same ways as face-to-face therapy and psychiatry.

A licensed therapist can provide mental health counseling services, but they can’t prescribe medications.

However, a psychiatrist can combine various forms of therapy with prescriptions.

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After covid, you can easily find personal everywhere on the street or on the doctor’s clinic wall. 

In this counseling, they personally set up counseling with their patients and try to diagnose problems. 

Online psychiatrists, like in-person psychiatrists, specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health conditions, including substance use disorders.

An online psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained to provide psychiatric services over the internet.

usually through live chat, phone calls, or video chat.

This is common will be to as telepsychiatry.

Like in-person psychiatrists, online psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental health conditions, including substance use disorders.

Conditions may include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia, among others.

Generally, online psychiatrists can prescribe medications, as needed, with the exception of controlled substances.

We evaluated the most popular online psychiatry platforms by analyzing

14 key features important to those looking for an online psychiatrist to help users.

Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia are examples of conditions.

With the exception of controlled substances, online psychiatrists can generally prescribe medications as needed.

Amwell — Overall Winner


Amwell’s board-certified psychiatrists provide psychiatric assessments, evaluations, and treatment for a variety of behavioral health issues, including medication management.

Amwell isn’t just an online therapy and psychiatry service.

They also cover other types of medicine, with board-certified doctors available for direct-to-patient communication.

If you’ve ever wished you could speak with your care team.
Then from the comfort of your own home, Amwell is one solution.

Amwell’s behavioral health services include a network of more than 100 board-certified psychiatrists.

who specialize in medication evaluations and ongoing medication management.

Amwell psychiatrists can address mental health conditions such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder.
Anxiety disorders, cognitive disorders, depression, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Services are available throughout the country and that will be covered by insurance.

BetterHelp — The Most Versatile


Better Help is a subscription-based online counseling platform that provides counseling services.
These services via web-based interaction, such as live video sessions, live phone sessions, and live messaging.

Clients can also send an unlimited number of messages to their counselor.
This is via a dedicated virtual room that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Talkspace — The Most Convenient


Through Live Video Sessions on the Talkspace platform, Talkspace connects patients to psychiatric treatment.
treatment from initial evaluation to ongoing prescription management, from a licensed prescriber in their state.


md live

MDLIVE Behavioral Health is a telemedicine service that connects patients with board-certified doctors.
It also includes psychiatrists, for a variety of psychiatric conditions.

One of the pain points of scheduling doctor’s appointments is sticking to conventional business hours.

MDLIVE’s online psychiatry services may appeal to those with tight schedules since they offer appointments during the evenings and weekends.

Doctors are on call 24/7 for around-the-clock mental health care.

Online appointments can take place over the phone or via video chat.

If you don’t want to wait weeks for a psychiatric appointment.
You can usually schedule an appointment through MDLIVE within days.

Though your psychiatrist may live in a different city.

Than you do, they’re able to send prescriptions to your local pharmacy for pickup.

Teladoc Best Medication Management Software.


Teladoc is a virtual health care provider that provides phone or video-based remote medical care, including mental health services. Psychiatrists manage medications and may initiate new treatments or refill existing prescriptions as clinically indicated.

E-Psychiatry Telemedicine Is the Best Option for Personalized Care


e-Psychiatry provides behavioral health services across the country and considers itself to be a comprehensive telepsychiatry, digital health, and disease management program.

Rethink My Therapy— The Most Usable


Rethink is My Therapy is a behavioral health-focused online subscription-based telehealth provider.

Individuals pay $99 per month, while families pay $159 per month.

LifeHealth Online is the best option for therapy


LiveHealth Online is a telemedicine provider that provides LiveHealth Online Psychiatry.

which allows patients to consult with a board-certified psychiatrist via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

There is also the option of seeing a therapist or psychologist.

Now Psych is the best option for Internet and Gaming Disorders


Now Psych is a Florida and California-based online provider of mental health and substance use disorder services.

NowPsych’s founder, Dr Sean Paul, is dual board-certified in adult and child and adolescent.
Their psychiatry and specializes in internet and gaming disorders.