October 1, 2022

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The Ultimate Collection of Cheap Hajj and Umrah Gifts for Children

cheap Hajj and Umrah packages

Parents should teach their kids from the very start about the importance that Hajj and Umrah hold. There are a variety of ways to educate them about this. As a parent, one should be responsible for informing their kids about the basic knowledge of Islam and letting them be close to Allah Almighty. If you are physically and financially capable then, you can get cheap Hajj and Umrah packages and embark on these prestigious journeys. On your way back, you might get some special gifts for your kids to learn about the significance of these pilgrimages. They might be too young to understand, but gradually they will grasp it and build interest to perform these pilgrimages at least once in their lives. Here are some of the best gifts to buy for your kids:

Educational Dhul Hijjah and Hajj Books

The publications Dhul Hijjah for Kids, what is Hajj, The Amazing Kaaba, and Enchanting Eid are accessible. All of these volumes are also accessible on the internet, but it is advisable to get a printed version because it will be highly useful.

Journey to Allah Printable by My Deen Magazine

My Deen Magazine provides unlimited printed workbooks and tasks for your children to understand about Hajj. They have three separate books for children from two to eleven years old. They also provide a complimentary Hajj Guide free version.

Hajj Activity Book by ILMA Education

Jameela Ho of ILMA education worked hard to design this Hajj Exercise Booklet for Little Kids. She is a school instructor and usually has so many lovely gifts and goods to present to younger students. This specific book for children provides practice sheets for fine motor control, such as pencils and scissor abilities, with a Hajj concept.

Going to Hajj Roleplay by Ink and Ocean

Ink and Ocean are providing a special Going to Hajj Roleplay printable. It contains hajj terminal signs as well as hajj road signage, which we believe is great for children! It is ideal for role-playing activities.

Hajj Lapbooks by Ummabdulbasir

On Umm Abdul Basir’s webpage, you may order four beautiful lapbooks for youngsters to read on Hajj. They are handing out free lapbooks of The ABCs of Hajj, The Colors of Hajj, Hajj Day by Day, and The Animals of Dhabh to people!

Hajj Theme Pack by A Muslim Child Is Born

This Hajj thematic set is available from A Muslim Child is Born. It is a modest auxiliary kit for educating preschoolers and elementary kids regarding the Hajj.

Hajj and Umrah Notebook by Iman’s Homeschool

Iman’s Homeschool also has some excellent Hajj and Umrah Notepad printouts for younger children to experience and write about Hajj and Umrah.

Hajj Coloring Playset by Smart Ark

Smart Ark has this Hajj Coloring Play Set for you to color, cut out, as well as play with. It is ideal for children to utilize as a hajj practice when they want to play pretend and understand the fundamentals of hajj.

Hajj Mubarak Card by Ayeina

Using this freebie print from Ayeina, your children may create a charming card for a particular hajji in their lives. The Hajj Mubarak Card is created using watercolor, stenciling, hand lettering, pastel colors, and a black feather insignia! You can also buy these cards from different stores in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding Hajj Workbook by Salam Homeschooling

Salam Homeschooling will send you an Understanding Hajj Workbook. The entire course comprises six courses that youngsters may complete with the help of several exercises to cement their learning.

In A Nutshell,

The above mentioned are some freebies, but people can also buy similar books, coloring books, playsets, and decoration pieces from various stores in Mecca and Medina. It’s a great way of teaching kids about Islam and its basics. This will surely help them gain knowledge and interest in Islamic activities. Moreover, it would be great to take your kids with you on these special journeys. They will undoubtedly learn a lot by practicing it themselves. They will get to watch the House of Allah Almighty. They can also wear Ihram and circumambulate around Kaaba. Perform all rituals one by one with them and tell them that these practices are liked by Allah (SWT) and He will surely bless us.

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